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Free photoshoot: No commercial use

Hi! Thank you for taking the time to read a little more about this. Let me explain why these photos are not allowed for commercial use. TLDR? Skip to the end to read a summary and a way to use the photos commercially.

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What involves a professional photoshoot?

These photos were made at a free professional photoshoot. A professional photoshoot, whether it’s free or paid, involves a few things. Think about things like, camera and lights, years of experience, knowledge, studies, my time, my assistant’s time, travelling to the location/venue and don’t forget the time spent to edit the photos after the shoot and even the smallest thing like using batteries. All of these things are unfortunately not free.

I’m also doing paid professional photoshoots. Those shoots are a little different. Aside from its obvious difference that those are paid shoots, it also involves more time, planning and coordination. Also there’s a lot more after care. Photos are usually extensively edited, re-edited, and sometimes even more edited for consistency. In general it takes more time to do those shoots. But those photos will also have a commercial license. That usually means that those photos are allowed to be used commercially if the client chooses to do so.

So what is commercial use?

Commercial use means using your photo wherever money or anything of value is expected to exchange. In our case this can be like using the photo for your Only Fans or Just For Fans site. Or using the photo on a flyer for an event. Even using it as a profile photo for your business account on Instagram is a commercial use.

Can I use the photos commercially when I refer to you?

Referring back to me is always nice. It helps me grow as a business and it is really nice to see my work out there. But, as a friend once said to me, a referral doesn’t pay for my food. Or in this case, the electrical bill, the wear of my equipment, the studies I did, etc. So unfortunately it is still not allowed to use the photos commercially.

But photographer X allows me to use his/her/their photos commercially.

That’s very generous of photographer X. But doing that would be unfair to my colleague photographers and myself as well. Especially to those who are trying to make a living out of it.

What if I send you a loaded sock or sneaker?

Tempting. Tempting. But…, no.

What about sponsors and the event itself?

The sponsors and the event did not cover any costs for the free photoshoot. I received nothing from any of the sponsors and the event. I did get entry to the event, but it would be kind of difficult to do a photoshoot at the event if I am not able to get into the event myself. πŸ˜‰ I received no apparel, no lanyard, not even a load. I still had to pay for my own drinks, I had to pay for my hotel, I had to provide my own transportation. Etcetera. But please understand that I don’t hold any of the sponsors and the event itself responsible for this.

Then why did you do it?

To give something to the community really. I like my work and I think that I can provide something that a few people would like and which is a little bit more than just a selfie. πŸ˜‰ I do it for my friends, to meet new people to connect with people who like things that I like too. And the shoot is meant for everyone. Anyone who wanted to have a nice photo is welcome. Not everyone has/thinks/likes the opportunity to have a professional photoshoot let alone a kinky one. And it is a cool memory of an event. And I hope I was/am able to deliver.

Don’t you want anything of value for your work?

Of course I do. πŸ˜‰

Surely you have a commercial angle yourself?

Yes. I am being honest here, of course there is a commercial angle for myself. I am a professional and my works are examples of my profession. But in this case you should see the photoshoot as a way for me to stay active. To try new things, to confront myself with a new setting and situation. To challenge my mind to stay creative. The free photoshoot is an example of gaining knowledge and experience. It’s an investment for future shoots. Did it cost me money? Yes. Can you use the photos commercially? No.

Ok, ok, so is there any way for me to use the photos commercially?

Yes. And for that, please get in touch with me through social media, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or via the contact form below.

Why did you took so much time to write all this? Aren’t you just ranting?

It’s true, chances of anyone reading all this is very small. And most (if not all) people who I photographed understands it already. But it is my duty to at least try and explain why it is important to understand that these photos are not allowed for commercial use. Especially in the creative industry it is very difficult to see why a creative work is not for free. And I am not blaming anyone. And I am not assuming that you are inconsiderate towards photographers. I am only trying to give people some insight in the workings of somebody who is active in the creative industry. And I am not ranting. I am not angry enough to be ranting. πŸ˜‰

Thank you for your time! ❀️


A photoshoot costs me money. It’s unfair if you make money from something which costed somebody else money. To use the photos commercially, contact me first.


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