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Copenhagen Pride 2023 – Walking with SLM-København and Homoware

I had the opportunity to visit Copenhagen Pride for the first time and therefore also Copenhagen. I have never been to this beautiful city. The amount of love and happiness and vibe was amazing.

We were invited by SLM-København to participate in the parade and we were followed by Homoware who had an amazing pack of puppies, handlers, furries and fetish people. We felt welcomed and had an amazing time!

Rain was forecasted for the weekend, but none of it reached the parade. Gurl, ain’t nobody got time for your wetness, we’re here to show ourselves! The sun was shining on all of us!

I hope you like the photos. Hopefully I have taken a photo of you as well. The photos are available for personal use and I would be happy if you could tag me when you post it online somewhere.

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Much love.

I hope we will see each other again somewhere sometime. Maybe even next year!

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