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Flyer for Free Sportswear Photoshoot for Darklands 2022

What an edition it was. Darklands 2022 has been such an overwhelming edition. Many kinksters who have not been able to go to large events have decided to come to Antwerp for Darklands 2022. Equally so the sportswear lovers have visited this event with more numbers than previous editions. Or so it seems at least.

The sportswear zone has been a little bit more visible this time and more people have been able to find it compared to the previous edition. And it showed. I had to shoot almost double the amount of people, socks and sneakers this time and a lot more sniffing was involved. The start of the free photoshoot allowed me to direct the models and take multiple different photos, while at the end there were just so many people who wanted to have their pic taken, that I had to rush it a little bit. Sorry for this, but I hope everyone at least was able to have their photo taken.

The professional photoshoot was scheduled for 1 hour, but we went a little over and it took 1,5 hours to take a few pics per person. It was so great seeing you all. Thank you!

No really! Thank you all who came to the free photoshoot. For now we all need a little patience, but I should have the photos up in a few days time.

A little housekeeping:

The photos can be downloaded and shared for personal use. *No commercial use please!*
Please understand that I received no pay for this shoot and it would be unfair if you used the photos commercially.

When you share your photo online, I would appreciate it if you link back to either
this website
my Twitter profile
or my Instagram profile if you can.

Also if you would like to give feedback about the shoot you can leave feedback in the form at the end of this page.

Thank you and hopefully till next year. (or sooner if we meet elsewhere)

Download instructions:
Desktop: Right click the thumbnail and click “Save link as”
Android: Hold press the thumbnail and tap on “Download link”
iOS: Hold press the thumbnail and tap “Open in New Tab”. In the new tab hold press the image and tap “Save Image”

Thank you!

Thank you to all who were involved. Everyone who made this possible. Those who helped organising this and those who participated in the shoot. It was fun and I hope you are happy with the results.

I’d like to thank Nick Sneaker and Darklands for allowing to host this event. And secondly my assistant who had to put up with my instructions and to carry the heavy light set-up, DJ Mu Delta. DJ by night and bringer of light. 🤣


Let me know what you think of this photoshoot. Any suggestions for improvement or did it go well for you and you want to share the feelings? Even if you haven’t been in the shoot, your feedback is welcome anyway. Drop it in the form below.





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